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A family business with family values

The seed of The Soapstress was planted when our Founder Grace was a young girl. She grew up around her grandmothers and was immersed in their natural and holistic approach to living. They taught her how to garden and grow her own food. She helped them in the kitchen, learning many of their recipes. But most importantly, her grandmothers gave her the gift of understanding how to harness the power of natural remedies for burns, bumps and beauty.

“One of my earliest memories is watching my grandmother lathering up clothes on a big old washboard using a bar of soap she had handmade,” recalls Grace. “Perhaps that’s where my love affair with soap began.”

Today, Grace still uses the soap recipe handed down to her from her grandmothers. Now she is joined in the business by her husband Michael and their three beautiful daughters.

Natural without exception

The Soapstress is based in Camden, NSW in a studio overlooking the family farm. It’s here in the lush green surround that Grace draws her inspiration for the range.

Our products are crafted with organic plant oils, each purposefully chosen for the unique benefit they add. We’re mindful of the effect soap and skincare can have on the environment. That’s why every ingredient we use has to meet our strict criteria of being both good for skin and good for the planet.

In keeping with our traditional recipes, we take a slow approach to our process. We give every product the time, attention and care it needs, so you get the highest quality result.

Luxury and indulgence

The Soapstress is about more than soap, candles or body products. In the busyness of modern life, we want to take you back to a simpler time. We want to help you create meaningful moments of indulgence everyday. 

Whether it’s a luxurious lather in the shower or a beautiful addition to your daily wellness ritual, we are there with exceptional natural products. Your skin will feel nourished and hydrated and your senses invigorated. The simple act of washing your hands or lighting a candle, takes on new meaning.

We’re unapologetic in our honesty and uncompromising in our values. The way we do things today, a modern spin on traditional methods and recipes, that’s always how we’ll do things. Our products are yours to savour, knowing that you’re nurturing your skin and lessening your impact on the planet.