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The Benefits of Exfoliating (to up your exfoliation game)

February 26 2023 – Grace Steven

The Benefits of Exfoliating (to up your exfoliation game)
The Benefits of Exfoliating (to up your exfoliation game)

Exfoliation is the bomb! Seriously, if you want that smooth-as-a-baby's-bum skin feeling, you need to include an exfoliating step in your skincare routine. 

Are you ready to take your exfoliation game to the next level? If so, read on and prepare to say hello to your best skin yet. 

A spoon of exfoliating coconut body polish sits on a table alongside shredded coconut

5 benefits of exfoliating

First up, you need to know why exfoliating is so good for your skin. Because when you know why you are doing it, you’ll want all of those skin-loving benefits in your life. 

Here are 5 benefits of exfoliating that we think are worth celebrating:

  1. As your skin regenerates, it sheds dead skin cells. These cells can build up and cause that rough feeling on your skin. When you exfoliate you remove dead skin cells to reveal your gorgeous, glowing skin underneath.
  2. Another benefit of removing those dead skin cells is that your moisturiser, serums or oils can do their job a little better. If you wear makeup, you’ll also notice that your makeup glides on more easily. Hello, hydration! 
  3. If dead skin cells are left unchecked, they can also clog your pores. Clogged pores equals whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Exfoliating can help to prevent these. 
  4. Have you heard of collagen? It’s a protein in your body that, among other things, helps to keep your skin youthful and prevent it from sagging. As you age, your collagen production slows. The good news is that exfoliating may help to protect the collagen in your skin
  5. For people who have an uneven skin tone, exfoliating may help to improve the texture and tone of your skin. Again, it’s about buffing away those dead skin cells. 

We could go on all day about the benefits of exfoliating. But these are the big ones that impact most people. 

The lowdown on scrubs

There are two main types of exfoliation - chemical and mechanical. We are all about the mechanical exfoliation with gentle, natural scrubs. They are simple, uncomplicated and leave your skin feeling great. Not to mention, they smell amazing. 

If you’re old enough, you likely have memories of harsh exfoliating products that made your skin feel rough or scratchy. That is NOT what you want. 

A good face scrub will use a gentle, natural exfoliant, such as sugar or salt, to buff away those dead skin cells. It will also contain a blend of nourishing plant oils and essential oils for added skin benefits. The formulation for a body polish or scrub will be slightly different, but the same principles apply. Gentle exfoliant + natural oils and scents = exfoliating goodness.

A jar of coconut and lime body polish sitting opened on a table. A spoon of the body polish is on the table with shredded coconut scattered around.

How to exfoliate for the best skin benefits

If there is one message we want you to take away from reading this, it’s that exfoliating should be gentle. While it may be tempting to really rub hard with your scrub, this can do more harm than good. Instead, what you want to do is gently massage the exfoliator into your skin using small circular motions. Be careful to avoid the skin around your eyes. If you’re using a scrub on your body, the same principles apply.

When you exfoliate in the shower it can make it easier to rinse the scrub off your face. Plus, the steam from the shower can also help to open your pores for a deeper exfoliation. 

Start by cleansing your face and then you can exfoliate. Follow with your usual serums/oils/moisturisers. You should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Any more than that and you can damage your skin.

Embrace the benefits of exfoliating

The key with exfoliating is consistency. Find a scrub you love, exfoliate regularly and those beautiful skin benefits will follow.

We think you’ll love our face scrub and body polish. They are gentle, natural and full of nourishing goodness. Pair them with our Black Clay Facial Soap or Whipped Body Mousse for the ultimate skin indulgence.