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Can I Wash My Face with Soap?

February 26 2023 – Grace Steven

Can I Wash My Face with Soap?
Can I Wash My Face with Soap?

Soap as a face wash has a bad rap. While soap was once the only thing people would use to wash their face, over time it has become a no-go. And there was a good reason for that.

It’s not that all soap is bad for washing your face. Far from it! It all comes down to choosing the right soap for the job.

Not all soaps are created equal

There’s a big difference between commercial soap and the handmade soap you should be washing your face with.

Commercial soap will dry your skin. It will disrupt the acid mantle and it will strip your skin’s natural oils. Why? The chemical composition of commercial soap is altered to make it cure faster. This may be good for the business bottom line, but it’s not good for skin.

Not only does commercial soap have added chemicals, the good stuff - i.e. glycerine - is also removed from the soap. The glycerine is what helps to attract moisture to your skin. When you take it out, you lose that beautiful nourishment. 

A woman is lathering a handmade soap bar in her hands to wash her face with soap

The ingredients you should be looking for in facial soap

What you are really looking for in a soap you can wash your face with is a super clean ingredient list. That is, with natural ingredients and essential oils to nourish your skin, not dry it out. These types of powerful active ingredients can naturally heal and cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean.

Our Black Clay Facial Soap is an example of a quality handmade soap that your skin will love. It uses black clay and Dead Sea mud as the hero ingredients to gently draw dirt and toxins from your skin. The cleansing elements are supported by beneficial oils and butters to give your skin a hit of hydration. It’s lightly scented with calming lavender, bergamot and tea tree essential oils.

That’s what facial soap should be. Clean and considered.

One of the other benefits of handmade soap is that it’s good for your skin and for the environment. Because there are no foaming agents or preservatives, the septic system friendly residue from the soap doesn’t create any problems for our ecosystem. 

Three nourishing and gentle handmade soap bars are stacked on top of a pink towel

Tips for washing your face with soap

Just as you should use a gentle soap to wash your face, you should ensure that everything you do while washing your face is gentle.

Here are three key things to remember when washing your face with soap:

  1. Always use lukewarm water. Hot water can dry your skin and cold water is less effective at removing soap.
  2. Use your fingers to massage the soap into your face. Don’t push too hard and make sure to use gentle circular motions.
  3. Pat your face dry with a soft towel. Rubbing can aggravate skin and cause irritation. 

Discover the difference of quality handmade soap

At The Soapstress, we take pride in creating luxe and considered handmade soaps that are good for your skin and for the environment. Using traditional soap recipes passed down through generations of our family, we utilise natural and effective ingredients to create soap and skincare products that work. 

Browse our range of products to discover the difference a quality handmade soap can make to your skincare routine.